Frequently Asked Questions:

*What if there is a problem with the system and some of the lights are not working?

Call Ron.  If something goes wrong with your system installed by Landscape Lighting by Ron in the first year due to defective product or installation Ron will fix it at no charge to you.  After one year the warranties apply but you will be charged labor for any repairs.  With Ron's experience he is very good with repair work; even if he did not install the system.

*I have heard that LED fixtures cast a bluish light and are not as bright as incandescent lights.

That may be true of other LED fixtures but definitely not with the LED fixtures used by Landscape Lighting by Ron.  The LEDs that Ron uses are designed to high specifications specifically for landscape lighting.  They provide a sharp, crisp light.  The beam pattern is very precise and uniform making them a superior light source.  The uplights are availabl;e in 10, 35 and 60 degree beam pattern.  This enables the light to be concentrated exactly where it is needed.


These LED fixtures provide a pure white light that assures true color rendition.  The reds are red and the blues are blue.

*How much maintenance will I have to do to keep the system working?


You should reset the time of day on your timer twice a year when the time changes.  If you have an incandecent system you will have to change the light bulbs when they burn out.  A lot of people prefer to change their bulbs once a year.  If you have an LED system there  are no bulbs to change.


Ron offers an annual maintenance program which will extend the life of your system.  This includes changing light bulbs, cleaning lenses, applying a noncorrosive compound where neeeded and repositioning fixtures if necessary.  This service is availble even if he did not install the system.

*When creating a lighting design how do you determine what to light?

Actually, you determine what will be lit.  When Ron meets with you for a free consultation he will use his portfolio to show different lighting techniques.  Various lighting options will be discussed and you will determine which options reflect your taste.


Regardless of the options you choose you can be assured that the design will be soft, subtle and dramatic.

*How do I turn the system on and off?

A landscape lighting system is normally controlled by a timer and photocell.  The photocell will turn the system on at dusk and the timer will turn the system off at the time of your choosing.


The heavy duty digital timer has a battery backup.  If you lose electricity the timer will continue to operate.  Unlike most timers you will not need to reset the timer.

*How large is the crew that will be installing my system?

Ron does the installation himself so you are assured a professional job.  The system will be wired properly to avoid voltage drop which results in dimly lit fixtures.


The light fixtures will be positioned in the proper locations to achieve optimum performance.

*Will my yard and flower beds be torn up during installation?

Unlike 120 volt systems, the wire used in low voltage systems does not have to be buried deep or in conduit.  Since there is no chance of getting shocked, the wire is left above ground in the flower beds but under the mulch.  If you redo your beds or plant annual flowers you will see the wire when you pull back the mulch.  This avoids cut wires.


The wire going across the grass is buried below the surface.  There is no need for trenching.


You may not even notice any changes to your property other than the wonderful atmosphere created by your lighting system.

*Will the system withstand the harsh Gulf Coast environment?

The commercial grade fixtures used by Landscape Lighting by Ron will give you many, many years of enjoyment.  A number of years ago Ron lit a property in Pascagoula, MS that was less than a half of a mile from the Gulf.  There was a tremendous storm surge created by hurricane Katrina.  Once repairs to the home were completed Ron was asked to inspect and repair the system.  The only thing needed was to replace a few light bulbs.  The entire system including the transformer had been under saltwater.

*I didn't think low voltage fixtures put out much light.

This is true of packaged systems offered by major retailes and solar lighting.  The fixtures used by Landscape Lighting by Ron are commercial quality and are an excellewnt light source.  The uplights use a MR16 halogen  light bulb which is very energy efficient.  The bulbs are available in 20, 35 and 50 watts.  Selecting the proper bulb assures adaquate light.  A 50 watt MR16 bulb will cast good light higher than a three story home.

Halogen bulbs provide a pure white light so there is true color rendition.  The greens are green and the whites are white.

What are the advantages of a 12 volt system compared to a 120 volt system?

There is no chance of getting shocked, making it safer than a 120 volt system. The fixtures can be safely used near swimming pools. The light bulbs are smaller, so the fixtures are smaller; less conspicuous. The light bulbs are more efficient than the 120 volt light bulbs, so you are using less electricity. Since the light fixtures are not connected to a conduit, they can easily be repositioned as your landscape matures.

Ron's Goal: 100% Customer satisfaction, 100% of the time!