Landscape Lighting Testimonials:

"If you are considering landscape lighting, you definitely need to talk to Ron.  He really knows and understands lighting design.  He created a very dramatic atmosphere on our property.  We have received so many compliments on our lighting.  If one of my homes is going to have landscape lighting I call Ron."

- Mark Swanson, Mark Swanson Builders Inc.


Thank you so much for the A+++ lighting project @ Casa de Palms! You were great to work with and the results are fantastic!"

- David & Nicole Davenport

"Ron installed LED lighting for us.  Lighting our home, various trees and path lighting in just the right spots.  It's great!  Just as great is the fact that I never have to change any bulbs and I'm saving money."

- John Burkhart

Landscape Lighting by Ron is fantastic.  I use him exclusively.  In fact, I think so much of his work he has lit two of my personal homes.  I can't give a much better testamonial than that.

- Ronnie McGee, McGee Properties

"Ron's original design was a little more than I wanted to spend. He reworked the design to fit my budget. I thoroughly enjoy the lighting at my home."

- Bill Parks

"Over the years I have really enjoyed my landscape lighting.  It's just a night time wonderland."

- Liz Sumral, Realtor

"Ron installed our lighting system years ago and it has held up very well.  We love our landscape lighting."

- Kathy Sheffield

"Ron did not install my original system, but over the years he has repaired my lighting and is very dependable.  I was never happy with the original installation.  The lighting was too dim.  Ron reworked and rewired my  system and it looks great.  Much brighter.  Ron is a real professional."

- Roger Hoffman

Ron's Goal: 100% Customer satisfaction, 100% of the time!