LED Lighting:

LED landscape lighting is a superior quality light source that is very energy efficient.

LED fixtures consume 75% less energy than the low voltage fixtures and offer an even greater energy savings when compared to 120 volt fixtures. 

The LED fixtures used by Landscape Lighting by Ron are available in warm white (2700K) and pure white (3,000K). Warm white is best used in surroundings with warm colors; like brown, cedar, natural colored walls or stonework and foliage that is red, orange or yellow. Pure white is best used with dark materials like deep slate, black, grey and foliage that is blue or purple.

These fixtures offer a more controlled and consistent beam pattern. Each uplight is available in ten, thirty five and sixty degree beam patterns. This enables the light to be directed specifically where it is needed.

The LEDs are rated for 40,000 hours.  Which equates to long term savings since you are not replacing light bulbs.

All LED products have a fifteen year warranty.

Ron's Goal: 100% Customer satisfaction, 100% of the time!